New York

  • Where: Bronx and Westchester
    When: May 6 at Jacob Burns Film Center, September 21 at Ghetto Film School (Private Event)


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    Westchester and the Bronx, New York
    Westchester County is one of this country’s earliest suburbs and it forms the northern border of New York City’s Manhattan and Bronx boroughs. Suburbs are quintessentially American and provide Film Forward with a lens to view popular media and the way it shapes how the world sees the U.S., and vice versa.

    Within a 30 mile radius of each other, the Jacobs Burns Film Center’s and the Ghetto Film School’s audiences and students encapsulate a slice of America that is both diverse and culturally rich. The border between the city and the suburb; the line along which technology meets art; and the intersection of traditions, experiences, cultures, and ideas in film invigorate Film Forward’s larger cultural dialogue.

    The Ghetto Film School
    The mission of The Ghetto Film School (GFS) is to educate, develop, and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers. Their three different programs (GFS, Digital Bodega, and The Cinema School) are dedicated to teaching the art of cinematic storytelling to the young people of New York City. In addition to the students and educators at GFS, the school is supported by a wide network of corporate sponsors, government agencies, and filmmaking professionals.

    Jacob Burns Film Center
    The Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) is a nonprofit educational and cultural institution dedicated to presenting the best of independent, documentary, and world cinema; promoting 21st century literacy; and making film a vibrant part of the community. Housing a state-of-the-art theater complex, a 27,000 square-foot Media Arts Lab, and a residence for international filmmakers, the JBFC campus provides opportunities for people of all ages to discover, explore, and learn through the power of film, media, and 21st-century technology. The international faculty offers dozens of courses in multimedia storytelling for children, teens, and adults at the Lab, now in its second year of operation. At the same time, the JBFC is also creating and teaching innovative programs for schools and organizations and working to transform education on a global level.


    The Cinema School
    The Cinema School is a selective academic high school that offers students a rigorous liberal arts curriculum grounded in creative activity, prepares students for the best colleges, and pushes them to new levels of understanding of themselves and the world. Filmmaking supports this work because it opens up new ways of seeing and thinking as part of a well-rounded academic program that challenges students and empowers their voices and visions. The Cinema School provides students with a strong and broad foundation preparing them to pursue their passions and aspirations in any field.

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