Gypsy Davy

Israel, Spain, USA | 2012 | 96 min

When a blond-Californian (with Alabama roots) becomes a Flamenco guitarist in Andalucian boots, what happens along the way and behind the scenes? GYPSY DAVY tells the story of David Jones, stage name: "David Serva," from the perspective of his five women and five children—one of whom is the director.

  • DIR Rachel Leah Jones
    SCR Rachel Leah Jones
    CAST David Serva Jones, Clara Nicole Chinoy, Judith Seba Jones, Rachel Leah Jones, Cynthia Johnston, Mallory Jones Pred, Martin David Jones, Pablo Martin Jones, Nandi Chinoy Jones, Maria Guitron, Michelle Isadora MArgo Bellaiche, Concha Vargas, Ines Bacan, Pepa de Benito, Miguel Funi, Adam Duritz

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