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Artist Alumni

Stay in Touch. Take a Stand.

Since 1981 Sundance Institute has proudly supported an incredibly vibrant community of playwrights, musicians, and filmmakers. We are truly honored by the opportunity to support, present, and endorse your work. Now, as we work to further strengthen and engage our community of artists, we need your support and your valuable endorsement of the Institute's mission and activities.

As you know, we direct our energy and resources to foster storytelling defined by originality and authenticity rather than commercial potential. To fund the nonprofit Sundance Institute, we've historically relied most heavily upon generous support from foundations and corporations. While these continue to provide important funding, we also need support from those who have most directly benefited from our programs: our Alumni.

Please help us be as important to future generations of independent artists as we hope we've been to you. Take a stand. Tell us you’re glad we’re here, and help us continue to foster the best of what's next. Donate.

Artist Trustees

We have been firm believers that in every decision made, it is absolutely essential to have an artist at the table. Beginning in 2003, we invited artists to participate as a part of our Artist Trustee program. They are influential members of our Board and have enlightened decision-making in every aspect of the Institute. Click here for a list of current Artist Trustees.

Alumni Advisory Board

The board is a group of Sundance Institute alumni who volunteer their time and voices to share their experiences, and to help tell the Sundance Institute story. These alumni are a range of artists who have been a vital part of the indie film and theatre community and Sundance Institute family for years. Click here for a list of the current Alumni Advisory Board and to see our "Alumni Spotlight" of the month.

Artist Services Initiative

As part of Sundance Institute’s mission to connect artists with audiences, this initiative helps Institute alumni navigate the marketplace of independent film distribution. From online tools to unique partnerships, Artist Services offers alumni access to distribution platforms, funding, marketing, and educational resources. If you are an alumni of Sundance Institute, click here to learn more.

Join Us

Whether you're an emerging or established artist, Sundance Institute can continue to play a pivotal role in your career. Resources, networking, alumni gatherings, and being a part of this incredibly vibrant community are all benefits of joining our group. To see the full range of projects that we have supported visit our Online Archives.

Now Playing

Art thrives only when audiences actively engage with it, and the best way to support our alumni is to see their work. Check out Now Playing for a current list of alumni work playing in your backyard.

Preserve Your Film

If your work has passed through the Sundance Film Festival or any of our artist development programs, the Sundance Collection at UCLA can help ensure that it is properly archived. Click here to learn more about film preservation.


Are you promoting a Sundance Institute supported play, film, or artist? We've got laurels that you can use for marketing for all Festival years, awards, and Institute programs. Email us at [email protected].

For more information about the Sundance Institute Alumni email us at [email protected].

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