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East Africa

East Africa
Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda

After nearly 13 years of investment in exposure and exchange activities with artists from six East African countries, Sundance Institute East Africa (SIEA) is excited to announce the creation of two African-led events taking place in East Africa in November 2014 and February 2015.

The first event will launch in Kampala, Uganda and is led by longtime Sundance Institute Theatre Program staff member, Deborah Asiimwe. Deborah is partnering with Faisal Kiwewa, Founding Director of the Bayimba Cultural Foundation, to establish the first-ever Kampala International Theatre Festival scheduled for November 28-30, 2014. This historic festival will feature productions and readings with many of the East African artists and projects that have received Sundance Institute support over the years. Additionally, Deborah and Faisal have plans to support the continued development of new plays by East African artists and we look forward to cheering Deborah on as she takes on her new leadership role in the region. In the coming years, the Kampala International Theatre Festival promises to become one of the most exciting theatre festivals in Africa. For more information about the festival, please email Deborah at [email protected].

The second event will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is led by a consortium of Ethiopian theatre-makers including Sundance alumni Surafel Abebe, Meaza Worku, Azeb Worku and Tesfaye Eshetu. Occurring alongside a simultaneous Performance Studies International conference in partnership with Addis Ababa University, Crossing Boundaries will involve Sundance alumni from around the region and a performance of a newly adapted project into Amharic scheduled for February 17-22, 2015. The depth of conversation and level of engagement will be profound during this extraordinary convening and we share the hopes of the organizers that Crossing Boundaries will lead to continuing East African collaborations centered in Ethiopia. For more information about this event, please email Surafel Abebe at [email protected].

We are thrilled that our East African colleagues are continuing the work of connecting the East Africa theatre-making community and supporting the creation of new work for audiences around the world who love live theatre. We also look forward to creating opportunities for collaboration between East African artists and their counterparts in the Middle East & North Africa as we deepen our commitment to the MENA region in future years. For more information about activities in East Africa, please contact Deborah Asiimwe at [email protected].